WHEN WILL THE EXCUSES END?—–(3 minutes read)

This is the question I kept asking myself now.I have been opportuned to watch and listen to both President Muhammadu Buhari and Vice-President Yemi Osinbajo interviews on several media platform but to my utmost consternation, I realised that their response has always been centred around unending blames and excuses that I realised that it is gradually becoming burdensome and a tautology. 

A rocket scientists is not needed for Nigerians to know that previous administration has done nothing but evil, the impart of their maladministration is written and chronicled on the surface of every sector of this country.

Long time ago, Nigeria economy has been struggling for survival but no one dares to proffer solution to our low ebbed economy.Now the die is cast, Nigeria as a country is been tossed around on the high sea of economic recession but the economy is on an emergency waiting for who will revive it.



Since recession simply denotes low productivity of good and services that encompasses low supply of goods and services which makes demand of goods and services to soar high with the accompany prices of goods and services ballooned to high heaven.

Now, the urgency in form of emergency is on all of us to see to the revival of our ailing economy by being responsible in making our economy bounced back to a better position.Since, our economic past has been bad which can be traced to wanton profligacies , flamboyancies and extreme wastefulness of resources.

An average man on the street needs nothing but an improvement of our economy with the provision and availability of goods and services at an affordable prices.

Nigerians are tired and bored of listening to the rationale behind the economy dipping into recession.We have had enough of “why we are in recession”.What we want now is technical but simple explanations of the steps being taken to take our economy out of recession.

Many steps might have being taken by the present day government but there is a need to sell it to all Nigerians without continuing with the blame game.It is quite unacceptable for a government that will be two years old in 2017 to keep giving us flimsy excuses that boils down to ineptness, ineptitudeness and mediocrity exhibited by past administration which this administration cannot deny that they are not part of people that contributed to the quagmire the entire country is in now.

How can this administration be spending the available scarce resources at their disposal in unending blame while they are supposed to be busy maximising what is available on the practical solutions that will get our economy out of recession. 

With the kind of floppiness and sluggishness  exhibited by this administration, someone should not being disappointed if this administration failed to fulfill a tittle of their electoral manifestos.

I believe Nigerians who carved and changed the meaning of All Progressive Congress to All Promises Cancelled might somehow be justified at the end of the day.

There is an urgent need for this administration to rise up to the challenge of reviving this ailing economy. 

The blame game and flimsy excuses should stop.

I am tired of it.It is makes me throw up.I felt sleepy when I listen to this blames.

When is it going to stop!!!

Are we going to spend 4 years blaming past administration? ????

Someone should give me an answer.

I am confused.


Even up till now, it is even getting miry with a lot of ineptness,cluelessness and ineptititudeness being on display on the Nigeria corridor of power.I am confident that this four years will end with nothing to show for it .

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5 Replies to “WHEN WILL THE EXCUSES END?—–(3 minutes read)”

  1. Unfortunately I believe most leaders have lost the ability to take the blame. In fact many in society have this issue too and those in authority do not show a good example. I believe it is a strong individual that can say, “it is my fault, I take full responsibility”! A very sad truth to what the world has become.


      1. They kept on blaming past administration because the havevno technical solution on ways of moving our economy out of recession.


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