It is not a gainsaying that the best in every human being can never be assumed to be over.The best in you and I is crying for expression on a daily basis.The best in you is yet to come.

From personal experience, as the best in gold can never be expressed without it passing through fire or furnace, so also the best in every human finds deep expression in challenges that tends to pull us apart.Often times than none, self-discovery begins when we champion our efforts towards self discovery.It is when we handle the challenges of our life alone, that we discover our strength and our weakness.





It is a pity that the weak minded waits for forlone moment for help forgetting that the help needed is within the confines of his or her genetic make up.

Eventhough, some school of thought believed and premissed that it is not good to be alone but I observed that being alone pays and it is the secrets for all round personal development and upliftment.Though, this is the philosophy of the strong. 

To make my article substantial and tangible, I handled a task on my own today successfully without any external contribution. I can submit that this feat was providenced to an extent and it is platformed on the believe that I can do all thing in Christ which strengthen me.

A data that I have once glanced through without understanding it became so understandable this evening without any atom of stress and it made my work simple without being under any tutelage or direction.

Today is quite eventful and memorable in my official engagement.

The weak sights challenges and chicken-out.

The strong sights challenges as an opportunity to emerge as a champion.

The best in you will surface when you are ready to take personal responsibility for personal development. 

Be the best.



The world is waiting for you.





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