Marital vows imposed the role of leadership on the husband.

Being a husband is a role of leadership that is shown through responsibility in every facet of marital lifespan.

A married man represent everything God represent to all human in existence.

The responsibility imposed on any married man attracts authority that is binding on every member of the family.

Authority becomes smooth and meaningful when it is channelled through selfless discharge of responsibility for every party involved in the marriage–wife, children, in laws, neighbours, colleagues and friends. 

Marriage makes every married woman a subject and a partner to the husband.

The genesis of confusion inherent in marital union recently can be traced to misconceptions of what is expected from parties involved.

As a wife, you become envious unconsciously when you have resentment towards the authority of your husband.


marriage 3

Whenever you developed a thick skin to your husband corrections and views, the authority given to him by divinity is simply challenged, this will end up triggering misunderstanding and confusion. 

Challenging your husband authority and corrections is never a crime.It is acceptable and can be described as what is in vogue in this present age.

This simply signal your desire to share in the authority given to your husband by divinity and marital vow.

As stated earlier, authority becomes reasonable and meaningful when the corresponding responsibility is discharged without any iota any and atom of resentment and reluctance.

Wisdom demands that , as a woman , challenging your husband authority and corrections simply denotes your desire and passion to share in the discharge of authority given to him.

Since authority simply connotes responsibility. You must be ready to share the responsibility of your family.

No wife should challenge or be indifference to the correction and authority of his husband without her readiness to share the responsibility of the family.It will tantamount to meaningless insubordination when you are deaf to your husband correction when you are not ready to carry the responsibility of the family.

No reasonable woman should adhere to part of the concept of woman emancipation channelled towards inequality between husband and wife without her readiness to share in the responsibility of the family.

Equality between husband and wife simply connotes shared authority.

Shared authority demands shared responsibility.

Never challenge your husband authority without your contribution towards sharing the responsibilities demanded for a marriage to be successful.




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