WHAT NEXT?—(3 Minutes read)

No doubt about it experience of life has taught us in diverse ways about the stormy vicissitudes of life that make life to be challenging and unbearable. It is not within the reach and scope of anyone’s mental ability and spiritual capacity to decipher when the storms of life will become fierce and raging.

Due to the shortsightedness and shallow mindedness of many, when issues concerning the storms of life are mentioned or tends towards becoming a subject and an object of discussion, many are quick in responding against this trend by mouthing and shouting “God forbid and that will not be my portion in Jesus Name” repeatedly as if to say  others that are passing through such a phase are being punished for their predicaments or they are enemies of God.






Times without numbers, people that are deeply spiritual have been seen to pass through unbearable phases of life like this and all that will be heard from them is “why me Lord”.As if to say God allowed such a phase in order to put them under curse or punishment.

It is not a gainsaying that the challenges of life are real and they forced their presence on people without their consent.The untold hardship many people are battling with are unimaginable and they are better left not being discussed because it has defied every reasonable approach to get urgent solution.

The irony of life is that what makes champions are challenges.The myriads of challenges is not what really matters, what matters is the stories of conquest that made champions out of those myriads of challenges.

Champions are moulded and made when the right attitude needed to turn challenges into stories of victory are available and applied within a period of time.It is attitude that makes winners not quitting and it is attitude that makes looser quit even at the advent of the challenges.Stories of victories and conquests ever related in the annals of history of mankind revolve around attitudinal approach that are positively channelled towards getting the head up even when the bowl is hot.

Challenges makes champion. The beauty of golds and many precious stones emerge when they passed through furnace.How will your stories be listened to without its contents being rallied  around battles and corresponding conquests and victory.

The load might be heavy but know that the weight will make you strong.


After the loss of your brother,

After the loss of your child,

After the loss of your wife,

After the loss of your job

After the loss of that contract,

After you have lost everything, 

After being deserted by friends and families,

What next?

Hold on when the sun is hot!!

Hold on when the bowl is hot!!

Every challenge of life is transient.

Every challenge is bound to expire.

Weeping may endure for a night.

Your joy cometh in the morning.

If you can hold on throughout the night, surely there is a brighter morning.

A crucial step needs to be taken as the next step.There is no need to mourn your loss forever.It is of no point sitting down on a spot without finding lasting solutions to the issues on ground.

You need to rise up and buckle up to weather the storm of life by maximising the inner strength in you to face the challenges of life.It is until when you believed that there is a brighter side to every dark side that your moments of regrets will fizzle out.



  • dedicated to those who loose their beloved ones in 2017
  • Dedicated to those who loose precious valuable things in 2017
  • Dedicated to those who loose their jobs in 2017






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